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new moon manifestation

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The Progressed Moon. There are many ways of calculating a chart – everyone has their favourite. Personally, I use the Solar Chart (which puts the degree of the Sun as the 1st house cusp) in this way we take away the ambiguity of the Ascendant (which requires the exact time of birth) in using this system –and there are many systems – your Progressed Moon is calculated. No matter which system you use – the sign of the Progressed Moon will always be the same but the house will be different! As mentioned I have found this system helpful, beneficial and accurate for I’m endeavouring to make the complex art/science of Astrology accessible and available to all, taking away the jargon…

In order to know or ‘experience’ the background of your life for any period by understanding the concept of the Progressed Moon let me say this: your overall mood is symbolised by the Progressed Moon’s Sign. [For example: my Progressed Moon is in Aquarius – giving my temperament to be somewhat Aquarian in nature!] However, the House position is where I’ll be responsive or, able to focus my thinking. Another example: My Progressed Moon (no matter which system I use) is Aquarian now in the 3rd House (Using the Solar Chart) having come out of the 2nd It will remain in the 3rd House for approx 2 ½ years but will change ‘sign’ during this time and become a Pisces Progressed Moon – thereby altering my disposition and response to 3rd House activities. It’s in the understanding of this concept you’ll come to understand the essence of your Progressed Moon.

The House position of your progressed Moon indicates areas of life where you’ll be ‘pulled’ or, become more ‘conscious.’ The ‘journey’ of the Progressed Moon often causes or manifests a decisive event or experience (more so when entering or leaving a house or changing sign) re-shaping your life in some way- taking you up and outward or, down and inward! Focus your attention on where your Progressed Moon is located (by sign and house) in order you become conscious (in control) of the process and not unconsciously reacting (out of control) to the process going on within…

The Progressed Moon triggers reaction, awakens memories and awakens your potential – ‘activating’ any planet in any house it enters. Your Moon will be experienced in your own way, channeled by the sign and house placement and any aspects it makes with other planets and points in your chart. No one can have a pure experience of the lunar archetype because nothing exists in isolation. The information offered will give you some idea as to what kind of experiences – peak or otherwise – you’ll encounter. Even though there are many born to the same date of birth we are all different – not having the same mother, nurturing, life-style, education or background, etc.

This is the ‘secret’ of understanding Astrology for we are all born to experience / explore life in the physical via, earthly incarnation, through the vehicle of the womb – we all experience the same things – not in the same space and time nor in the same way but believe me – we are all the same – all connected! Since antiquity the Moon has marked the passage of time, been the harbinger of the seasons and proclaimed the beginnings and endings of cycles in nature. She governs the patterns and rhythms of our daily lives and holds the wisdom of the soul! Our behavioural patterns and habits and our instinctive responses are within ‘her’ province for all life encompasses birth and death, shadow and light and your Moon holds these paradoxes. “As the feminine goddess she rules the mother, womb and family – her role is to nurture and protect and in her archetypal form is the true place of safety and protection. The daily patterns of our lives include a patchwork of emotions, moods and feelings. The astrological Moon records all of these and stores everything in the subconscious as ‘she’ cycles around the earth each 27.3 days.

The Moon is symbolic of memory. Within the chart she is the receptacle that holds our familial experiences and histories, the vessel that contains our ancestral legacies. She rules the body and fluids within the body- linking the Moon to the concept of personal and ancestral memory held within the cells. Without memory we cannot know ourselves or others, without memory we have no history and without memory we do not live in the moment! Linked to your cellular or racial memory(going back in time) hence ‘her’ link with ‘imagination’ for our ‘imagination’ is the most powerful tool we humans possess: “How you think is who you are, what or who you imagine is what or who you become… ”

Take note of the Moon at your birth, was it a new moon, first quarter, full moon or last quarter for this’ll give an understanding of a major ‘theme’ throughout life. ‘She’ is considered the ruler of Cancer, exalted in Taurus, in fall in Scorpio and in detriment in Capricorn…

Remembering, the Sun rules your individuality (when alone) the Moon rules your personality (when in the company of others), think about it. The waxing and waning Moon, its ebb and flow of sensational and emotional experience has a revitalising effect on the mind and body (hence the need for sleep) where we dream and connect with our ‘memories’ (pleasant or unpleasant) for when we ‘sleep’ the body has a chance to recover from daily life…

Cardinal Moon’s (at birth): Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn: These are the most assertive and most interested in promoting change and influencing the environment. These people maintain control by staying a step ahead of the rest. Aries seek leadership and control in general. Cancer Moon’s rule emotions, home and family, Libran Moon’s try to control relationships, partnerships and their social environment. Capricorn Moon’s use and often exploit the material environment – this is considered a difficult or complex Moon/memory…

Fixed Moon’s (at birth): Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius: These are the most stable and self-contained. They leave the environment alone being more concerned about personal affairs, resisting external influences on their lives! Their strength is consistency; their weakness is their inclination to hold on to the past…

Taurus is the most stable in behaviour and attitude, Leo has some difficulty modifying behaviour and attitude, Scorpio tends to get stuck in an emotional rut and Aquarian Moon’s often ‘trapped’ in a negative self image…

Mutable Moon’s (at birth): Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces: These signs are open to external influence and as such are more flexible but least stable! They find it easy to let go of people and things. Gemini tends to be changeable in ideas, Virgo tends to be dominated by environmental issues, Sagittarius has ever-changing views on life and Pisces, whilst adapting on a superficial level, can easily become the cosmic recycling unit picking up on the negative energy of others…

Let’s take a look at Progressions

Progressed Moon in Aries: A time to begin new projects and a time for action. Express yourself as flamboyantly as possible. The keyword for this time is: IDENTITY. This Moon placement is a powerful one-it’s time to reinvent YOU in some personal way, such as with a new look or manner of expressing and presenting yourself. This is a personally busy time when you’ll feel energetic and enthusiastic. Think about how you present yourself to others, focus on changing personal habits in such a way as to improve confidence in yourself and concentrate on putting your best foot forward, for this is a time when you’ll get noticed and make a personal impression on others. Factor in the importance of authenticity for if you’re not honest with yourself how can you expect others to be honest with you? This Progressed Moon reminds you of the importance of acting on your impulses and believing in ourselves. This is a time when you can be brave and enjoy new experiences. This is a FIRE Moon and the emphasis is outward oriented, energy and action…

Progressed Moon in Taurus: Express yourself with confidence, sensuality and sexually (even if those around you appear conservative and straight-laced!) Heightened sensitivity to the world of the five senses, to your physical environment, and to the security you gain from the solid ground you have built for yourself is the order for this time. Attunement to, and appreciation of, the physical world of the senses is the focus now; this is a time to start afresh in terms of how you arrange your life in order to feel a sense of value and worthiness. Financial issues come into focus. Setting realistic financial goals, formulating a budget and other sensible financial planning projects, will be asked of you now. Discover new ways to increase your income – just remember it’s also a time for taking moments (time out) to pleasure yourself through earthy, tactile, and comforting endeavours. Working in the garden will appeal and if you have any spare money, consider treating yourself to a new outfit? The keyword for this time is: SENSUALITY. This is an EARTH Moon, time to seek security and finding your sanctuary – keep in mind the ‘world’ you inhabit is your ‘body’ nourish it…

Progressed Moon in Gemini: There’s a need for stimulation; challenge and some variety in your life so create it, don’t appear flighty, fidgety or chattering on like a demented budgie! The keyword for this time is: COMMUNICATION, listen to what others have to say for there’s always a crisis going on somewhere and people need a sounding board, that’s you!

This progressed Moon rules our communication skills, learning abilities, daily interactions and generally a ‘busy’ period. This is a favourable time for learning something new, feeling at ease in social situations, taking care of the mundane details of daily life and developing a mental rapport with others in conversation It’s a good time to take tests, fill out forms, start a new course, write letters, make phone calls, updating or learning computer skills! This is an AIR Moon where your curiosity is ignited, new friendships are formed, doors of opportunity ‘open’ and you’ll explore the world at large – reaching out to others in a conversational manner – remembering we COMMUNICATE in many ways – think body language…

Progressed Moon in Cancer: The keyword for this time is: LIFESTYLE.Home and family will be your main focus. On a personal, developmental level, this is a time for listening to your ‘gut feelings’ but to pay homage to them! What makes you feel safe and secure for this is a time to explore and develop a sense of inner security. This Progressed Moon brings a heightened awareness of your roots, issues of intimacy and vulnerability and it’s an excellent time to come in touch with your feelings and needs. Focusing on your support system and the manner in which you support others is also probable. This is a good time to make long-range plans for the future, to do any type of re-organising or even re-modelling of the home or home environment.Your creative imagination will be ‘firing on all cylinders’ so listen to those words coming from your inner self and act upon them! A WATER Moon and a time to build the future from the knowledge of the past – make plans for if you don’t – you’ll only repeat the same ol’ same ol’…

Progressed Moon in Leo: This is your ‘theatrical’ time -creative self-expression comes under the realm of this Moon sparking the creative juices! Romantic inclinations are highlighted, as are any kind of celebratory, playful, and just-for-fun endeavours! You’ll become aware of your need for approval and feedback from others, deriving pleasure from the many ways your creativity impacts on the world around you. This can be a passionate period and a time when you’ll feel bolder than usual. If you’re feeling good about you (especially if you took advantage to re-build and re-focus asked of you by the previous moon, you’ll ‘radiate’ during this expressive period – fantastic for parties and entertaining on a grand scale!. This is a time for ‘making babies.’ If you have no partner it’s time you got out more and found your soul mate! Making babies can also mean creating a brainchild of an idea! (Think about it!) CUPID is the keyword for this time and he will be more at work than you know! You’re now experiencing a FIRE Moon where you’ll want to share, display, exhibit your talents, abilities and gifts. In other words you want to live a little…

Progressed Moon in Virgo: The keyword for this time is: WELL-BEING. Keep yourself busy, prioritise, for when the Moon progresses here (no matter what your sun sign) it’s time for self-improvement. This period heralds a time when new diet regimes, health routines, and satisfying work schedules can be successfully initiated. It is a time of taking care of business, handling details and increasing your efficiency by re-organising or simply working enthusiastically! It is also a good time for analysis of any sort, as critical thinking is now at its peak. If you have a few ‘love handles’ or, a little more cellulite than you’d like why not enroll at your local gym!

People around you will be critical, nit picking and sarcastic and if you ‘buy’ into their criticisms you get what you deserve!You’re now experiencing an EARTH Moon but ‘different’ to the last one for it’s ‘nose to the grindstone’ – work, work and more work – seek gainful employment, be of service to others (consider Volunteering if necessary)…

Progressed Moon in Libra: Lighten up and laugh a little. Get out and about, meet people and socialise for you need a little ‘lurve’ in your life. Negotiations and diplomacy are highlighted during this period, a time to begin new relationships or re-define existing ones! Issues of sharing and partnership come to the fore; increased awareness of the need for someone significant to lean on or, rely upon is associated with this time. If you find yourself sensitive to the lack of support from a partner (s), this is a good time to ask yourself how companionable you are! You need to be wined, dined and seduced, for you’re feeling a little special, aren’t you? This is a good time for business projects to be given the ‘go-ahead’ and for those in positions of power to listen to your ideas and objectives, don’t sell yourself short. RELATIONSHIPS and what they mean to you is the keyword for this time. Once again we have an AIR Moon but more social, gracious and congenial. Whatever you LACK will show itself, whatever or, whoever you NEED will come to the fore!

Progressed Moon in Scorpio: The keyword for this time is: TRANSFORMATION. Looking for some excitement in your life, wanting a little danger – this is the time you’ve been waiting for! The Moon is in its detriment in Scorpio and people (even you) can be a little secretive! A time of empowerment and self mastery, focus on issues of intimacy, you’ll experience an increased awareness of others-“what makes them tick” -as well as your own internal motivations! It’s also a favourable time to start a financial plan, a savings plan, taking out a loan or consolidating what you already have. Be careful walking down dark alleyways, visiting places you wouldn’t normally visit! On the other side of the coin, this is a time for serious self-analysis and to sort out what you want from life. People often re-invent themselves during this Progression as something or someone ‘dies’ in order to make room for something or someone new! Again, we experience a WATER Moon yet different to the last for now you’ll crave deeper experiences and more powerful bonds – harmony and balance might take a ‘back seat’ as you search for something or someone with more depth…

Progressed Moon in Sagittarius: The keyword for this time is: INDEPENDENCE. Personal freedom is your need and heaven help anyone who tries to curtail it! This Progression reflects our spirit to grow, explore and expand beyond the “regular” experiences of life. Restlessness and dissatisfaction with regular routines is common – make an effort to initiate new projects or activities that expand your mind, feed your spirit for adventure, and stretch your imagination and you’ll be renewed by a new perspective. Something philosophical or spiritual that you read or learn or, an adventure that takes you away from the mundane routine is likely to happen. You know who YOU are and you don’t need me to tell you, it’s time to begin that novel; to write your memoirs or just compile your game plan of life for the ‘big picture’ is what you should be looking at right now. Listen to that little voice in your head (your guide) and do what he or she asks of you! Another FIRE Moon but different to the previous for you don’t want to be limited or curtailed by boundaries. Independence, new experiences and intellectual growth is what this Progressed Moon is all about…

Progressed Moon in Capricorn: Not an easy position for the Moon – for deep down lie memories of needs unfulfilled! Heightened sensitivity to your standing in society and your goals for constructive progress are highlighted. Goals towards self-mastery and self-discipline should be made at this time. This is a phase when you’ll be busy with career and/or public responsibilities- get organised NOW. Stop looking backward, stop looking forward and start living in the moment! Develop and devise new business plans and goals, become more ‘strategic’ and bring renewal, reinvigoration and rebirth to your career goals. Focus on the elements of your personality you’re projecting as a professional – are you being seen as a winner or loser? A good time to deal with those in authority or superior positions and when you do; present yourself in your best possible light! If life is in chaos it’s time to bring order and structure, if your life is too structured, too regimental, it’s time for some ‘de-structuring.’ The keyword for this time is: PARENTS and your relationship with them! Another EARTH Moon yet, different to the previous for the emphasis is on what you’ve achieved or failed to achieve over the past few years!

Progressed Moon in Aquarius: The keyword for this period is ORIGINALITY. Don’t expect others to understand you for this Moon can bring out the best or worst in anyone! It’s time to network, make contacts, getting involved with group activities and increasing your income earned from business. You need to be YOURSELF, to follow your own star and when you do; others will follow for you are the true trailblazer of the Aquarian Age. This Progression focuses on making contacts and reaching out to others in both a social and professional sense. It’s a time to turn any inner restlessness into fruitful contact with others – goals that involve networking, making connections with others, joining or strengthening ties in a group project/activity. This is a time for friendships/companionships and relating to others in your own (original/inimitable way) for we never know who we are until we share our thoughts with another! This is an AIR MOON where the desire to be seen as an individual will be your focus, think about this for as already mentioned – we never know who we are when we’re too much in our own head!

Progressed Moon in Pisces: The keyword for this period is: RELAXATION. This is a period of review, letting go, and recharging one’s spiritual and, in effect, physical “batteries”. Focus on fulfillment through service, empathy, and awareness of other’s needs; but it can also be a time of withdrawal and some sort of retreat in a social sense, depending on your personal and natural predisposition. Some kind of soul-searching is in order, and the urge to find some level of emotional / spiritual peace will be apparent. This is a sensitive Progressed Moon and its best if you look for peace, finding the “soul within the self” in preparation for the next Progression! Relax and go with the flow for you might feel a tad vulnerable, weak or helpless during this time! Listen to your favourite music, watch an old movie, pamper yourself and you’ll feel better. You need a little ‘something’ so set your sights, light your candles; make your affirmations, cast those spells and bring whatever it is you want from life into reality – just be patient! If you find yourself walking around with a ‘hang dog’ look who can you blame if people choose to ignore you? This is a Water Moon with the emotional need for connecting with your inner world a priority and becoming more and more apparent as time goes by (albeit slowly)…

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